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I. Overview

It is a special concern of urban water supply enterprises to control the leakage within a reasonable range. According to statistics, the leakage rate in the urban water supply network system is generally 15-20%, and the actual leakage rate of a considerable part of the urban water supply system is More than 20%. The leakage of the pipe network not only causes the waste of water resources, but also directly affects the economic benefits of the water supply enterprise. It also develops the regional metering and metering technology of the water supply pipe network and adopts a visual way to organically integrate the water management department and the water supply facility to form a city water Internet. The timely analysis and processing of water information to manage the entire production, management and service processes of the water system in a more precise and dynamic manner has become the development direction of water supply enterprises.

Second, system architecture

1: Data Monitoring

Through the electromagnetic water meter, electromagnetic flow meter and pressure transmitter and other collection terminals and wireless network, the real-time sensing of the operation status of the urban water supply system, the establishment of a complete water supply pipe network technical file and pipe network geographic information system, real-time acquisition and monitoring, Finally, the leakage control is realized.

2: Data Acquisition Display Layer

According to the determined sensors, the on-site engineering can select Shanghai Huidu Modbus-RTU bus to collect and control the IO card. At the same time, according to the on-site requirements of the intelligent monitoring system, multiple on-site display human-machine interfaces can be selected, such as: WTH207A (ARM9 core 7-inch person) Machine interface), WTH407A (Industrial 7-inch Android man-machine interface) is used to collect data display and user information input.
Each sensor of the field device can be directly connected to the WTD series acquisition control IO card, real-time fast acquisition and control of each object data, and then all WTD products through the standard RS485 communication interface, using Modbus-RTU bus communication protocol and WTH207A/WTH407A The human machine interface performs data interaction.

3: Data Communication Network Layer

The communication network layer is responsible for transmitting the various substation data collected by the human-machine interface to the cloud platform by various network modes, and also transmitting and controlling the live human-machine interface or the acquisition control card according to the instructions of the cloud platform, thereby collecting and controlling all the perceptions. Layer sensor. Network communication methods include: wired Ethernet, 2G/GPRS, 3G, 4G, LoRA, NBIOT, etc.

This system uses 2G network communication mode because it only involves the collection and control of water parameters and does not involve audio and video transmission.

If the on-site acquisition control terminal does not need display function or human-computer interaction input function, you can also choose not to install WTH207A/WTH407A human-machine interface, and directly use Shanghai Huidu WTD934G or WTD936G intelligent cloud gateway products. The intelligent gateway of Huidu is specifically for smart water service. The field of the monitoring system has installed Shanghai Huidu non-wireless acquisition products or data intelligent communication converters that have been installed by other manufacturers' collectors, and transmits the collected data from the site to the cloud server. It has strong versatility and can be connected to Siemens. , Schneider, Omron, Mitsubishi or abroad acquisition controller PLC, having HTTP functionality, to ensure data integrity.

4.Cloud platform and database

The cloud platform layer is the application layer basic platform, which is the interface between the water online monitoring system and the user. The local analysis management database for real-time uploading of data is collected. The water online monitoring cloud platform is connected with the database. The real-time data, historical data, reports, statistical analysis, real-time alarm and maintenance reminder can be flexibly configured according to the number of monitoring points and the sensors of the monitoring points. The alarm information can be pushed to the relevant person's mobile phone text message or mobile phone WeChat.


四、Function parameter

Parameter real-time monitoring: 24-hour real-time online continuous acquisition of monitoring sensor and controller data.

Parameter history data: can save water parameter data and view and analyze historical data at any time.

Parameter real-time alarm: The parameters for setting the over-standard limit will be alarmed in time, by SMS or WeChat, including temperature alarm, pressure alarm and maintenance reminder.

Parameter statistical analysis: For the parameter data, it can be used as a daily and monthly report, which can be used for statistical analysis and benchmarking.

Parameter web monitoring: Managers can easily monitor operations by logging into the system through a browser on any platform.

Parameter mobile phone monitoring: Managers can also log in to the platform via WeChat to monitor live data anytime, anywhere.

DMA partition management: DMA basic management, DMA partition management can carry out DMA area addition and management, each DMA area can carry out the configuration of the water meter and the water meter; DMA area monitoring, the DMA area is Visually display its water output, water intake and output ratio; DMA small flow monitoring, each sub-table of DMA area in this time zone, instantaneous pressure, flow, flow, pressure maximum and minimum, showing instantaneous flow in graph , pressure data, and a histogram to show the cumulative flow.


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