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What is WitCloud?

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WitCloud is the core part of Shanghai Witium intelligent Industrial IoT solutions, is an important central system platform in the entire IoT architecture. The platform can be adapted to a variety of IoT application systems. It can monitor and manage the status and running status of access devices in real time, and perform remote operations on devices. Through the interconnection of the cloud platform with the IoT devices, precise perception, precise operation and fine management can be achieved, and a stable, reliable and low-cost one-stop cloud database can be provided.

WitCloud is located in three layers of data acquisition, data processing and data presentation and application in the layered architecture of industrial IoT. It goes down through programmable adapters that can connect various types of industrial equipment and sensors; In the middle, the core layer of WitCloud organizes, classifies and stores the collected data. On the other hand, it provides a standard data open interface and a development suite suitable for typical industry scenarios, enabling software developers to facilitate and focus on industry application development; On the right, the platform stores a large amount of data from all walks of life. On the basis of not involving user privacy, it can provide data support for product evaluation, design assistance, decision support, technical innovation, user demand mining and other aspects through big data mining, so as to realize artificial intelligence and intelligent analysis of big data.

WitCloud cloud platform does not require programming and software installation, so it can quickly and easily realize the IoT upgrade of products/systems and create its own IoT cloud platform.

Users can remotely monitor the device and view historical data through Web pages and mobile apps no matter where they are.

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