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一、Purpose and Scope
In order to ensure the healthy development and virtuous circle of luminance intelligence and agents, and to establish compliance standards and ethical requirements that are compatible with the business, we have issued a Brightness Intelligence Acting Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the “Code of Conduct”). This Code of Conduct applies to all agents of Brightness Intelligence. A Brightness Partner is any party that sells a Brightness product. The Brightness Intelligence expectation agent can: 1) be familiar with and abide by the law 2) maintain a high standard of business ethics; 3) grow together with the brightness intelligence.

二、Abide by the law
(1) General law compliance
The agent shall abide by the law, comply with applicable laws and regulations in accordance with the place of registration and business location, and comply with applicable international laws and regulations to ensure that it will not affect the cooperation with Bright Intelligence due to legal compliance issues.
(2) Labor protection
Agent should create a healthy for their employees, dignified and fair work environment, while ensuring that employees will not color, race, sex, religion, political affiliation and other factors subject to any discrimination or threats.
(3) Political customer
Agents should be aware that when dealing with government, public agencies or companies, they must comply with applicable procurement laws and prohibit bribery or improper interests of public officials.
(4) Marketing promotion and advertising media
In carrying out marketing communications agency, shall not make false statements, exaggerated its product features, intelligent brightness without consent of the unauthorized disclosure of the media project cooperation with luminance.
Acting foreign business contacts, may not make an error or misrepresentation explain to anyone.
(5) Anti-commercial bribery
Agents must not engage in commercial bribery without undue advantage, including commercial bribery through Bright employees.
(6) Antitrust and abnormal competition
Acting alone or may not be a monopoly or unfair competition, together with other agents, including but not limited to prohibited behavior: by agreement or conspiracy to divide markets, fixed resale prices, bundling, such as abuse of dominant market position against the interests of end-user behavior.
(7) Network security
Agent should strictly abide by national laws and regulations that apply on network security and personal data protection may not infringe upon the end user's freedom and privacy.

三、Legitimate business conduct
(1) Truthful information
Agents must ensure that all materials are provided Xiang-Hui of intelligent real, legitimate and effective; such as material involving third-party confidential information, ensure the agency has received third party licensors. The agent must also ensure that all information it provides to Brightness Intelligence, including but not limited to orders, sales reports, special requests, rebates, payment requests, changes to important company events, etc., are true, accurate and complete.

(2) Prohibition of income fraud

Agents are prohibited from assisting Huidu employees to confirm false income, confirm revenue in advance, and deliberately delay the recognition of income through false projects, inflated customer demand, yin and yang contracts, and providing false receipts and false acceptance orders. It is forbidden for the agent to forge the smart seal and official letter in any form.

(3) Legally acquiring and using competitive information

Agents should not use any illegal or business ethical means and use other people's trade secrets or other confidential information, including but not limited to improperly collecting or accepting their own or from customers, competitors' employees or other parties. Third party confidential information, etc.

(4) Cooperate with luminance audit

The agent must not conceal any information that may affect the intelligence benefits of the brightness. In order to ensure that the agent strictly abides by this Code of Conduct, the agent needs to cooperate with the brightness audit.

(5) Channel policy and delivery path compliance

To the extent permitted by local law, the agent strictly abides by the channel policy of Brilliant Intelligence, including but not limited to policies and regulations such as channel management, channel incentives, and supply routes, and recognizes the unilateral formulation of the aforementioned policies and regulations. Final interpretation.

(6)Prohibition of excess power

The proxy must not ultra vires to the end customer, any unauthorized third party commitments, at the same time, if the agent discovers Renhe Hui of intelligent staff secretly made ultra vires its commitments, should simply refuse to report to the brightness.

Agent for any loss due to unauthorized commitments or reject brightness employees privately ultra vires fall due, shall bear an independent agency; causes losses to brightness, ultra vires commitments agents and employees shall luminance brightness intelligent compensation. In order to effectively eliminate the power of excess, the agent should know and accept that: Brightness will not fulfill any terms other than the agreement/order content signed by both parties.

In the project bidding process, even if the brightness intelligent authorized manufacturer Hanzhong commitments jointly and severally liable for the authorized agent, intelligent brightness only by agreement with the agency's commitment to product liability for its products, and other agents should be borne full responsibility .

(7) Prohibited

Agent should adhere to the principles of integrity management, not libel, slander intelligent brightness of goodwill, but also may not libel, slander competitors goodwill. Prohibition agent competitor or its products, services, misleading statement or error.

(8)Ban bribery employees

The agent shall not bribe or send illicit benefits to the employees of Huidu, such as but not limited to cash, securities and payment vouchers, etc., in an attempt to obtain illegitimate interests and maintain cooperation with the intelligent intelligence, and it is forbidden to give Huidu employees inappropriate Business etiquette or gifts, including but not limited to valuables, high-value cultural gifts, travel, high-standard reception, etc. Business etiquette for determining whether a gift is appropriate or it should be considered if the gift is aware of etiquette or the public other than the parties, will cause embarrassment parties.

This provision also applies to family members and relatives of employees brightness.

(9)Intellectual property and confidential information

The agent shall respect the intellectual property rights of the company, and at the same time, shall not disclose the confidential information in the normal transaction process of the intellectual property without permission.

四、 Compliance management

(1) Establishment and regulation system

Brightness Intelligence encourages agents to establish their own compliance management systems to ensure that agents are better able to comply with local laws, perform legitimate business practices, and comply with the Smarter Smart Policy.

(2) Passing luminance criterion

The agent should pass this Code of Conduct to the next level of partner or develop a similar specification document no lower than this Code of Conduct.

(3) Strictly constrain employees

The agent should strictly restrict its employees, abide by the code of conduct established by the agent, and urge employees to comply with this Code of Conduct.


(1) Violation of the consequences

Any agent who violates any of the above codes of conduct will affect the incentive plan that they may enjoy, or be directly terminated by Brightness Intelligence. At the same time, Brightness Intelligent retains the agent to the agent for its violation of this Code of Conduct. The right to cause all losses.

(2) Version update

In order to make the agency more potential agents and understanding of the "Code of Conduct", intelligent brightness will be published in the official website, at the same time, intelligent brightness reserves the right to add further rights amendment to update the version of the site quasi.

(3) Commitment and reminder

Intelligent brightness solemn promise, intelligent brightness personal information will be kept strictly confidential informants real name, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of informants real name, real name informants forbids any person to make any direct or indirect discrimination, making things difficult, suppress or retaliate And other behaviors.

Brightness intelligent reminds real-name whistle-blowers, please ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the feedback information. If necessary, please help us to conduct internal investigation and verification of your feedback. If the feedback is a definite misleading malicious slander, it may result in immediate termination of Things to cooperate with you.

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