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Program background

At present, the quality of China's water environment is poor, the total amount of COD emissions is about 22.946 million tons, and the total amount of ammonia nitrogen emissions is about 2.386 million tons, far exceeding the capacity of the environment. In addition, two-thirds of the nine important bays in China are The water quality is poor or very poor. At present, the on-site monitoring equipment of China's water pollution intelligent monitoring system has been relatively mature, but the implementation technology of remote online monitoring is relatively late. The traditional implementation method is to spend huge sums of money to develop a complete system, which is not only costly, but also has a long development cycle. Later operation and maintenance are difficult to carry out.

In response to the current situation, Shanghai Huidu Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is committed to improving the online monitoring level of water pollution in China, and has launched a set of better real-time data analysis and diagnosis for environmental system integrators, improving domestic water quality and targeting water pollution. The online monitoring system for unorganized pollution sources can perform 24-hour online data collection and upload communication for COD, NH3-N, flow, PH online monitoring, etc., with real-time alarm function and statistical analysis report.

Solution architecture

The water quality monitoring IoT platform is a system for monitoring the surface water quality of rivers, lakes and the like. Through the system, the water quality can be monitored in real time. It can provide online data query and statistical analysis, automatic warning of water quality exceeding the standard, comprehensive analysis of water quality, etc. It can provide data analysis and decision-making basis for river and lake water quality monitoring and management, and is a river channel. Governance and environmental enforcement provide rich data support. The environmental water quality intelligent monitoring system cloud platform architecture is divided into four layers: environmental control and measurement sensor layer, environmental data acquisition and display layer, environmental data communication network layer, and environmental online cloud platform layer. As shown below:

1: Environmental Control and Measurement Sensor Layer

Environmental system integrators can select sensors based on environmentally-friendly objects that are controlled by the site, such as: dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature), pH sensor, conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, total organic carbon analyzer TOC, etc. Conduct on-site construction and assembly.

2:Environmental Data Collection

On-site engineering can select Shanghai Huidu ModBUS-RTU bus acquisition control IO card according to the determined sensor, such as: WTD418X (8-channel analog/thermocouple input module based on Modbus-RTU bus), can collect dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature) ), pH sensor, conductivity sensor, etc.; WTD914P (4-channel Pt input 2-channel digital output module based on GPRS communication), can collect temperature and humidity sensor, sensor power supply; WTD934G (1 channel gateway module based on GPRS communication), can be controlled The sensor is powered.

3:Environmental Data Communication Network Layer >

The communication network layer is responsible for transmitting the collected environmental data to the cloud platform by various network modes, and also transmits and controls the field devices according to the instructions of the cloud platform, thereby collecting and controlling all the sensing layer sensors. Network communication methods include: wired Ethernet, 2G/GPRS, 3G, 4G, NB-IOT, etc.

If the on-site acquisition control terminal does not require display function or human-computer interaction input function, directly use Shanghai Huidu WTD934G or WTD936G intelligent cloud gateway products. The gateway of the luminance is specially designed for the environmental water pollution system. The Shanghai Huidu non-wireless acquisition product has been installed on the field end. Or the data intelligent communication converter that has been installed by other manufacturers' collectors to transmit the collected data from the field to the cloud server, which has strong versatility and can be connected to the dissolved oxygen sensor (with temperature), pH sensor, conductivity sensor. The turbidity sensor, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, total organic carbon analyzer TOC, etc., have a breakpoint retransmission function to ensure data integrity.

4: Environment Online Monitoring Cloud Platform Layer

The cloud platform layer is the basic platform of the application layer, and is the interface between the environment online monitoring IoT system and the user. The environment online monitoring cloud platform can flexibly configure or customize real-time images, historical data screens, reports, statistical analysis, real-time alarms, maintenance reminders according to the number of monitoring points and sensors of monitoring points, and can also push alarms or excessive information to relevant People text messaging or mobile phone WeChat.

System platform function

Real-time monitoring of environmental parameters: 24-hour real-time online continuous collection and monitoring of various environmental and water quality data.

Environmental parameter historical data: The environmental parameter data can be saved and the historical data can be consulted and analyzed at any time.

Environmental parameter real-time alarm: For the parameter setting the over-limit value, the alarm will be timely, by SMS or WeChat.

Statistical analysis of environmental parameters: Daily and monthly reports can be made for environmental parameters, which can be used for statistical analysis, benchmarking, etc.

Environmental Parameters Web Monitoring: Managers can access the system through a browser on any platform.

Environmental parameters mobile phone monitoring: Managers can also log in to the platform system via WeChat to view live data anytime, anywhere.


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